What Is LiveAbility?

LiveAbility is a non-profit organization serving 13 counties in Northern WV. We are driven by the philosophy of “Independent Living”, and our mission is simple: We help Mountaineers living with disability gain or maintain independent lives and become or remain productive members of a fully inclusive society. Find out more about our organization below.

Our Philosophy

LiveAbility knows that persons with disabilities have the same basic human rights as persons without disabilities to participate in and contribute to community life.
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What Drives Us?

The vision of LiveAbility is for our consumers to be in control of their own destinies and day-to-day decisions. Click the arrow to learn more about our Vision.

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We Know What It’s Like

LiveAbility is staffed largely by West Virginians who live with a disability. We understand the challenges Mountaineers face, and we have solutions to help.

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Reach Out To LiveAbility

We feel that people living with a disability know the best ways to address their own issues. Our team is staffed largely by people who understand how to help.

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Our Philosophy

LiveAbility is an all-inclusive advocacy & resource center for people with disabilities and the communities in which they live.  LiveAbility is NOT a social service agency. What’s the difference? We don’t do for people; we do a lot with people. We want our consumer to be independent, not dependent on us for their livelihood. We do all that is possible to ensure that consumers have the skills and information they need to make informed choices and assist communities to better meet the needs of their citizens with disabilities.

Our Team

Annetta Johnson

Interim Executive Director

Paulette Southerly

Program Director & Peer Support Program Coordinator

Brenda Dasher

Community Integration Specialist

Our Mission

The mission of LiveAbility is to support all people with disabilities through education, advocacy, and promotion of equal opportunities and freedom of choice.

Our Vision

The vision of LiveAbility is for all people with disabilities to have equity, choice, inclusion, and accessibility. We encourage and assist our consumers to be in control of their own destinies and day-to-day decisions.

Our Full List Of Services


Skills Training

Info & Referrals

Peer Support

Transition Services

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