Community Living Services Program

The Community Living Services Program (CLSP) assists individuals with disabilities to function more independently in their homes and communities.  State funding from this program provides independent living services such as:

Home Modifications

Independence In The Home

Home Modifications including adding a ramp for wheelchair access to the home, bathroom modifications such as roll in showers and grab bars and other modifications to make a home accessible to a person with a disability.

Assistive Devices

Learn Self-Sufficiency At LiveAbility

Learning or re-learning how to be self-sufficient in today’s world is essential to the goal of living independently. The skills training program at LiveAbility is designed to empower individuals with disabilities to make and act upon their own choices. We assist consumers with Money Management, Personal Goals, Career Options, Interview Techniques and so much more.

Communication Services

Bridge The Communication Gap

Communication Services including items such as touch screens, speech keyboards and synthesized speech output devices (used with computers) as well as training in equipment use, Braille instruction, and reading services.

Vehicle Modifications

Get Ready To Go

Vehicle Modifications including van conversion to accommodate a wheelchair, wheelchair and scooter lifts, hand controls such as a spinner knob on the steering wheel to allow controlled steering with just one hand and other specialized modifications.

Durable Medical Equipment

The Tools To Build An Independent Life

LiveAbility’s Community Living Services Program may be able to secure Durable Medical Equipment – such as a shower chair, walker and related items – in an effort to keep those living with a disability in their homes rather than finding costly options such as managed care.

Our Mission

LiveAbility will encourage and assist West Virginians living with disabilities to be in control of their own destinies and day-to-day decisions. They will be in control of what is done on their behalf to take a more active role in their own independence to the greatest degree possible for their unique situations.

Latest News


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